15_4.21_APCollab_4852Farm2Market is a small, diversified working farm that produces thousands of pounds of sustainably grown produce each year. We are a social enterprise of Alameda Point Collaborative and use our passion for food and the environment to support APC residents as they move toward economic self-sufficiency and greater health and wellness. Proceeds from our CSA (community supported agriculture) program and other sales activities are pumped back into APC’s programs and activities for its resident community.

Joining our CSA, stocking our honey in your store, or adding us to your list of suppliers is more than a simple exchange of cash for produce. When you support Farm2Market, you are making an investment in the health and wellbeing of future generations.

20150714_tomatoJoin our CSA –  Subscribing to the Farm2Market CSA not only supports APC’s mission, but entitles you to a weekly share of the finest, freshest produce available.

Joining is easy:

1. Subscribe online or in person at the Farm2Market farm located at 2600 Barbers Point Road Tue/Fri/Sat from 9am-1pm and Wednesdays from 2pm-7pm. We offer three, 14 week seasons each year starting in March, June and September at three convenient pick-up locations. You may join at any point during the season for a prorated cost. You may choose between a full share (3-5 people) and a half share (1-2 people). For the 2015 seasons the costs for the full 14 weeks were $365/$210.

2. Pick-up your produce at your selected location.  Wednesday pick-ups are from 4pm-6pm at the APC Farm2Market farm or Makani Power and on Sundays at Buena Vista Methodist Church. Our raw 100% unfiltered honey is available for purchase at all pick-up times and locations.

3. Eat our delicious produce grown without the use of chemical fertilizers of pesticides. We hold ourselves to strict ecological standards and believe in natural farming systems. You can look forward to getting a weekly mix of seasonal foods that can include berries, lettuce, kale and collard greens, peaches, onions, green beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, bell peppers and more!

20150714_tomatoRetail & Wholesale Partnerships – Farm2Market welcomes inquiries from local markets and restaurants interested in stocking and using our products. Please contact the Farm2Market coordinator, Evan Krokowski, directly for additional information.

20150714_tomatoFarm2Market & Workforce Development – The majority of the everyday work at the Farm2Market farm is _MG_0096performed by APC residents. Farm2Market offers a paid on-the-job training program (OJT) for up to 12 APC residents in partnership with the APC Workforce Development program. We use farm production, produce sales, managing volunteer groups, and practicing personal accountability to give our trainees a wide range of transferable skills.

Being a Farm2Market OJT offers more than employment skills. Farm OJTs regularly report that their experience provided opportunities to try new foods and experiment with new ways of cooking. Many of the farm’s OJT graduates also use the leadership skills they develop to become formal and informal grassroots educators to build a healthier community for their family, friends and neighbors.





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