Alameda, CA
Salary: $18.50 /hour

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Job Description:

Position: Youth Engagement Coordinator

Division: Services

Reports to: Children & Youth Manager

Supervises: provides site/ task monitoring for youth, volunteers, and interns

Salary: $18.50 per hour 35-40 hrs per week


The Youth Engagement Coordinator facilitates and coordinates a safe, supportive environment for youth (primarily in 6th-12th grade) through the coordination and implementation of activities for youth, primarily at the Teen Center facility. The Youth Engagement Coordinator builds and maintains community/partner relationships, and acts as an academic liaison with youth, parents, and school staff. The position reports to the Children & Youth (C&Y) Manager. The Youth Engagement Coordinator has six priority functions.

  • To outreach and engage children and youth to participate in education and life skills learning opportunities, mainly at the Teen Center.
  • To maintain a safe, learning environment at the Teen Center that supports staff, volunteer, and participant accountability.
  • To advocate for teens at school and interact with parents as necessary, especially concerning IEPs, school registration, and school participation.
  • To conduct educational and life skills program activities that are consistent with C&Y curriculum goals, and funder-approved activities.
  • To actively participate as a member of the C&Y and Support Services Team to develop and implement a curriculum that supports the APC outcome goals.
  • To follow all Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) and program policies, procedures, and documentation and reporting requirements and timelines.


Outreach and Engagement

  • Build a liaison partnership with youth, their parents/guardians, and schools to ensure the student receives academic support consistent with academic needs.
  • Develop and integrate outside community partners and resources for APC children and youth to expand their experiences.
  • Maintain confidentiality and appropriate boundaries at all times; report unusual issues or problems to supervisor and write incident reports, including complying with mandated abuse reporting laws.

Curriculum Development and Implementation

  • Develop and implement a structured daily schedule of program activities for the Teen Center.
  • Coach and facilitate youth to set behavioral expectations for the Teen Center and work with youth to create a structured process for accountability and expectations.
  • Partner with the C&Y team to develop a strength-based, holistic academic and life skills program.
  • Model and coach interns, volunteers, and youth leaders so that they build an understanding of the importance of structure, consistency, following of procedures, and interpersonal boundaries.
  • Follow APC and C&Y program procedures, and meet all program documentation requirements and timelines.
  • Integrate new grant activities into the program curriculum and proactively plan and implement grant reporting requirements into documentation standards.
  • Network with school and youth programs in the community to build sustainable opportunities for APC resident participants to engage in regular off-site academic and/ or life skill learning activities.
  • Drive participants to planned and coordinated activities and accompany participants so they become comfortable using public transportation.

Program Site Coordination

  • Ensure that the Teen Center is welcoming and provides a safe environment where youth can grow and learn.
  • Identify, report, follow up, and coordinate all program site maintenance and repair needs.
  • Monitor and coach volunteers and/or interns to use strength-based skill building and engagement methods when engaging with participants.
  • With the C&Y Manager, coordinate meals, snacks, and appropriate staff coverage for all program activities.
  • Ensure transparent inter-agency communication and coordination of C&Y program activities and planning.
  • Actively participate in staff meetings, trainings, and clinical consultation meetings.
  • Follow agency fiscal procedures by coordinating all purchases with C&Y Manager.
  • Regularly collect program outcome data.


  • B.A. degree in child/youth development, psychology, education, social work, recreation, the arts, or related field preferred or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum 2 years experience teaching/coordinating a curriculum-based program targeting pre-teen and teen youth.
  • Experience using strength-based wellness tools while conducting structured program activities in a sometimes stressful environment.
  • Experience, clinical knowledge, or training related to children and youth who have been impacted by homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, mental illness, disabilities, and/or substance abuse within families.
  • Enthusiasm for working with children and youth; comfortable maintaining clear boundaries and setting age-appropriate limits with a variety of ages of children, youth, and adults.
  • Approachable; able to respectfully interact with staff and residents of diverse ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
  • Reliable, responsible, open to feedback, and committed to improvement.
  • Strong communication, writing, interpersonal, and office computer skills.
  • Working knowledge of computer publishing and digital tools a plus.
  • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License and meet and maintain the good driver requirements and for coverage by APC insurance carrier.
  • Fingerprint/background check clearance required.
  • Adult and Child CPR and First Aid training required during employment; training will be provided periodically to ensure staff coverage and safety during programs.
  • Occasional childcare to support adult services as needed.


  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a collaborative services team.
  • Ability to adapt work schedule to meet program and resident needs.
  • Ability to work effectively in high-stress situations.
  • Ability to follow written and oral instruction.
  • Ability to bend over, sit on the floor, & engage in physical activities with children/youth.
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to learn new tasks and/or systems.
  • Ability to clearly speak and understand English.
  • Ability to drive a motor vehicle and meet all APC insurance carrier requirements for ongoing coverage..
  • Reasoning and thinking skills and ability to problem solve.
  • Occasional lifting of 10-50 pounds.

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