Ploughshares Nursery

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Ploughshares Nursery is a full scale retail plant nursery that specializes in California native, drought tolerant, and edible plants. It offers hands-on education workshops throughout the year covering sustainable landscaping and garden design, edible gardening, fruit tree care, composting and many other subjects.

100% of proceeds from our business support APC’s supportive housing community for formerly homeless families.

Hours | 2107 Main Street, Alameda map>>

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday – 10am-5:30pm
Thursday & Friday – 12pm-7pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

20150714_ploughshares_iconMore than just Plants

We offer hands-on education workshops throughout the year. Our workshop series covers sustainable landscaping and garden design, edible gardening, fruit tree care, composting and many other subjects. Check out our website or follow us on Facebook for updates on dates and topics. There are also may volunteer opportunities available at the nursery.

Ploughshares also provides job training and employment opportunities to APC residents through the On-the-Job Training and as permanent part-time employees 1 deposit casino

20150714_ploughshares_iconThe Future of Ploughshares

In early 2013, APC broke ground on a new, 2,500 square foot  retail space for the Ploughshares Nursery. The building will have many environmentally friendly features including solar electricity and grey water recycling. The space will also provide nursery staff office and classroom space for gardening education. additional information>>

Ploughshares Nursery

Founding funding sources for the project include: The Bonita Garden Club, Yahoo Employee Foundation, City of Alameda/CBDO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Services.