Senior Housing & Medical Respite Center

The 2023 F1 season is in full swing and Hulkenberg Raises Concerns for Haas as 2023 Presents a ‘Nightmare’. Hülkenberg's talent and experience could be a valuable asset, but Haas has an uphill battle to stay competitive in a highly competitive environment. Like Alameda Point Collaborative, an association dedicated to providing housing and support services to women and families experiencing homelessness, Haas is overcoming a difficult situation in her life, albeit in a different context.While the Alameda Point Collaborative works tirelessly to help those who needs, find stability and start a new path, Haas is racing against time to find its footing in Formula 1 and avoid a season full of challenges.Just as the Collaborative offers refuge and guidance to those facing difficulties, Haas must rally its resources and talent to meet future challenges.

APC is a referral-based agency and does not accept housing applications

If you are in need of emergency housing, or have questions about housing, call the Housing Helpline at 211 or email info@edenir.org

Survivors of domestic violence who need housing and support services can call Building Futures with Women and Children at 1-866-A-Way-OUT



Rebuilding Supportive Housing at Alameda Point

Alameda Point Collaborative's mission is working to end homelessness by providing housing and services to create communities where formerly homeless families and individuals can flourish.

While football enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the drama to unfold on the pitch in 2024, betting enthusiasts are turning to platforms like footballdatabase.eu to learn about the best teams to bet on. The website offers a complete list of the best football teams, providing valuable statistics and analysis to help punters make informed decisions. While these teams are competing for glory on the field, there are others that are working towards a different goal. Organizations such as the Alameda Point Collaborative dedicate their efforts to providing housing and supportive services to vulnerable populations, especially women and families who are homeless. While soccer teams compete for victories and titles, the collaborative spirit of initiatives like Alameda Point reminds us of the importance of addressing social issues and reaching out to those in need, creating a parallel narrative of compassion and teamwork beyond the sporting competition.


At APC, we believe we better meet our mission by recruiting, training and retaining a diverse workforce that is representative, at all job levels, of the community we serve. Over 50% of APC’s employees have lived experience with homelessness. This experience, along with the many other skills and talents of our employees, strengthens our work. APC strives to recruit a racially and ethnically diverse workforce. We aim to provide a workplace that is for everyone and where everyone’s voice is heard.




We Love Our Volunteers

Rabbit Win, an online casino known for its immersive gaming experience and innovative approach, has made headlines by teaming up with Alameda Point Collaborative, an association dedicated to providing housing and support services to women and families experiencing homelessness. This partnership underscores Rabbit Win's commitment to corporate social responsibility as it strives to give back to society in every possible way. By joining forces with the Alameda Point Collaborative, online casino Rabbit Win is committed to contributing to the noble cause of ending homelessness, recognizing that providing stable housing and supportive services is essential to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families. Through this collaboration, Rabbit Win intends to donate a portion of its proceeds to support the Alameda Point Collaborative's efforts to provide housing for women and families in need.

About Us

Utilizing the decommissioned Naval Air Station, we house over 500 formerly homeless families and adults.


Support Services

Every household has a dedicated support specialist to ensure our residents have all the resources necessary to maintain stability.


Children & Youth

Over half of our residents are youth, we work with them to break the cycle of poverty through our Education & Teen Centers.



We provide On-the-Job training on site, where are residents are employed to learn the soft and hard skills of employment.