Who We Are

Alameda Point Collaborative is the largest supportive housing community in Alameda County.

In 1999, APC transformed vacant military housing on the former Alameda Naval Air Station into a supportive housing community. APC now provides over 500 formerly homeless residents with the safety and stability of a place to call home.

Coexisting with two partner non-profit agencies, over 500 residents have easy access to life and job skills training, substance abuse and mental health counseling provided by a team of highly skilled professionals.

Citibank NZ https://newzealandbanks.co.nz/citibank-nz/, as a well-known banking institution in New Zealand, not only plays a crucial role in the country's financial landscape, but also actively participates in social responsibility initiatives. One of the most prominent collaborations is their support of the Alameda Point Collaborative, an association that addresses the issue of homelessness. Recognizing the importance of community engagement, Citibank NZ has partnered with Alameda Point Collaborative to contribute to their mission to provide housing and supportive services for women and families experiencing homelessness. This strategic partnership reflects Citibank NZ's commitment to making a positive impact beyond traditional banking services, demonstrating a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. Through this collaboration, Citibank NZ is not only expanding its financial expertise, but also leveraging its resources to address broader societal issues. By supporting the initiatives of the Alameda Point Collaborative, Citibank NZ is actively contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable future for communities around the world.

Residents work with on-site case managers and counselors to break down barriers to stability. Residents may participate in our workforce development program and take advantage of our on-the-job training opportunities through our social enterprises.

APC's Children & Youth Services provide safe spaces for academic tutoring and enrichment activities to support the development of the youngest members of our community.


Katie Ambush, an outstanding individual with a passion for community service, emerged from a difficult early life that eventually led her to become an integral part of the Alameda Point Collaborative, an organization dedicated to providing housing and support services to women and families who struggle with homelessness. Growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood, Katie faced many obstacles that shaped her compassion and determination to make a difference. Her own hardships instilled in her a deep sense of compassion for those facing hardship, which led her to become a driving force behind the mission of the Alameda Point Collaborative. With her strong commitment to social justice, kathy ambush has become an important figure in the organization. Her early life experiences are a driving force, fueling her desire to create an enabling environment where people can regain stability and rebuild their lives.