Permanent Supportive Housing

Stable housing is the single biggest need for homeless families and individuals; it is the foundation upon which future success is built. At APC, we provide this foundation to some of the most vulnerable families in Alameda County.

In addition to the traumatic effects of homelessness and poverty, in every APC household at least one adult member has a permanent physical or mental disability. APC's core services of responsive property management and on-site case management and counseling provide residents with the resources to address issues that have been a barrier to stability. For the last three years, 100% of new APC residents have remained housed after six-months; an important benchmark for future housing stability.

Community Snapshot

  • 200 units of housing on 34 acres at Alameda Point, the site of the former Alameda Naval Air Station

  • Over 500 individuals including 160 children and youth

  • 41% of residents are under the age of 18

  • 100% of children are eligible for free and reduced school lunch

  • 45% of adult residents have been victims of domestic violence

As a referral based agency, APC does not accept housing applications

If you are in need of emergency housing, or have additional questions about housing at APC or other housing providers, please call the Housing Helpline at 2-1-1 or email them at

If you have been the victim of domestic violence and need housing and other support services, please call the Building Futures with Women and Children 24-hour helpline at 1-866-A-Way-OUT.