Board of Directors

Kathryn Sáenz Duke, Co-Chair

Kathryn Sáenz Duke has provided expertise and leadership on public health-related issues within the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Senate, with public universities, and with diverse nonprofit organizations. She has volunteered at APC’s Education Center for several years, helping grade school-aged children become successful teens and adults.

Michele McGarraugh, Co-Chair

Michele McGarraugh is an Alameda native whose experience as the owner of an investigation firm for the past 35 years has enabled her to contribute a multitude of skills to the APC mission. Chief among them are coordination, planning, and inclusiveness.

Keith McCoy

Keith McCoy is President and a Founding Partner of UrbanMix Development, LLC. With more than 30 years in the real estate development industry, Keith has a broad range of experience including land acquisition, community planning, entitlements, product development, financial analysis, asset management, and property disposition.

Kathleen Köster, Treasurer

Kathleen Köster brings over 18 years of progressive corporate experience, working with lawyers, doctors, pharmacist & consultant executives, nationally and internationally, in the non-for-profit and for-profit sectors. After living in many states and abroad, Kathleen moved to Alameda nearly 10 years ago and could not imagine of a better place to live.