Girls of summer: Students complete APC internships

For students eager to keep their skills sharp, expand their networks and learn new things, summer has traditionally been internship season.  APC Career Center staff was pleased to be able to offer just this kind of summer learning experience for two APC teens this summer. Millawn Oliver, a rising senior,  and Joy Collins, a rising junior, completed an eight week internship at the Career Center that not only helped them to learn valuable workplace skills, but also more about their own community and their roles as future leaders.

The girls’ main responsibility was the production of the monthly APC resident newsletter. They wrote and updated regular newsletter features, like the events calendar, but also did reporting on issues important to youth in the community. The “Youth Corner” included photos of APC youth during field trips, suggestions for fun and economical family outings, puzzles and word searches.  “The energy and fresh voices they brought to our team has reinvigorated everyone!” said Morgan Perkins, a member of APC Workforce Development staff.

The internship experience also gave their girls a different perspective of their own community. “The most surprising thing for me was seeing how close everyone is. The staff here are extremely nice and caring, and it grows on you,” reported Millawn at the end of the summer. Millawn also enjoyed learning and trying new things over the summer. One of her reporting assignments involved interviewing staff from the Downtown TAY program – a program serving transitional aged youth – that partners with APC to provide therapeutic gardening activities at APC’s community garden. In addition to thinking that the Downtown TAY staff had a “good vibe,” she hopes that her reporting will encourage other teens in the community to try new things.

In addition to their internship duties, Joy balanced a part-time job, and Millawn remained involved in volunteer activities at her school. Both girls plan to attend a four-year college after graduation, and impressed APC staff with their focus and determination.