Mentor Week by guest blogger Millawn O.

Millawn Oliver is a high school senior and APC resident. During her summer vacation, she was an intern at the APC Service Center. Her responsibilities included producing the monthly resident newsletter, and generating content that would help foster community among teens in the community. Millawn will be writing a monthly series, College Bound, about her quest to reach her goal of enrolling in a four-year college.

Mentor Week

by Millawn Oliver

I served as a mentor in a week long summer bridge program at my school.  Between August 3rd and August 7th 3 other youths and I were mentors in the “Executive Team” better known as “E-Team” program. As E-team members we help out a teacher of a class we are assigned to in the afterschool program. All of the E-team members at my school were recruited to welcome the incoming students and staff for the 2015-2016 school year.

The whole point of that week was to help the new students and staff adapt to a new environment and to step out of their comfort zone. During the week we did many community building activities as well as participating in ice breakers that helped everyone get to know each other.

One community building activity we did as a group was plant a garden in the back of our school. We decided on this project because the youth in the school wanted a nice area to go do work, to relax and look at something pretty. Just working on the garden allowed a great opportunity for everyone to bond while doing hard work. This program is done every summer and it’s a great way for youth as well as adults to learn many skills that they might need or want to strengthen.

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